Māra and Nibbāna


Only the lands of Māra can be questioned. All the phenomena, the consciousness and namā and rūpa are lands of Māra. The mind is the realm of Māra, the territory of Death, and there can always be a murderer in them.

You are never safe in the field of Death.

Seeing things like that, which is what they are, is the essence of holy life and the goal is Nibbāna. There is no other objective.

But Nibbāna is not terrain of Death, Nibbāna can not be questioned. Any question is out of limit. Nibbāna is the goal, Nibbāna is the goal, Nibbāna is the end.


Collection of Thematically Grouped Speeches
Mara Sutta
SN 23.1. Mara

That’s what I heard. Once the Blessed One was in Sāvatthī, in the Jeta Grove, in the Anāthapindika monastery.

Then the Venerable Radha went to the Blessed One, greeted him with reverence and sat on his side. Sitting on his side, Venerable Radha spoke to the sublime:

«One speaks of Māra, O Lord. How then, O Lord, (is) Māra? «

«Radha, when there is a form, then Mara, then there is a mara, a murderer, and also one who dies. they can arise here. So, Radha, look at how Mara looks at her as if he were a murderer, look at her as if you were murdered.Look at it as a disease, a tumor, a poisoned dart, suffering, genuine suffering. The one who sees the form like this, sees correctly.

When there is an emotional reaction, a perception, a mental formation, a consciousness, Oh Radha, there is a Māra, a murderer and also one who dies.

Then, Radha, look at consciousness like Mara, look at him like a murderer, look at him like a dead man. Look at it as an illness, a tumor, a poisoned dart, suffering, genuine suffering. He who sees them like that, sees correctly. «

«Teacher, but what is the purpose of correct contemplation?»

«The goal of a correct vision, Radha, is disillusionment.»

«And, Master, what is the purpose of the disappointment?»

«The goal of frustration is lack of passion.»

«And, Master, what is the goal of dispassion?»

«The goal of dispassion is liberation.»

«And, Master, what is the purpose of the liberation?»

«The goal of liberation is Nibbāna.»

«And, Master, what is the goal of Nibbāna?»

«You went beyond questioning, Radha. The line of investigation could not be caught. Radha,

«You have exceeded the limit of the question, Rādha. You can not reach the limit by questioning it. Because, Rādha, holy life is lived with Nibbāna as a basis, Nibbāna as the goal, Nibbāna as the ultimate goal. «

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