Waters Drop


If we consider Samsara in its entirety, we see that it is globally a sea of ​​disorder (or ignorance) from which structures of order (or wisdom) that are provisional and do not take long to collapse and re-emerge , they rise and fall again.
If we could see it in time, a global hypothetical time, an exercise in imagination, we will see how that sea has sunk and the peaks that stand out are less and less in number and height.
The waters of that sea represent hell. From the lowest level, whose movement is imperceptible to the surface, they represent higher beings such as animals or petas. These do not happen to be waves in this sea of ​​ignorance.
The drops that escape into the air are the devas. They will inevitably fall again, but they stay away from the sea during their life. The highest devas are those that fly higher and take much longer to fall.
On the other hand, human beings rise like little columns of water from the construction of order (wisdom), gathering order around them, like any system ruled by entropy.
Wisdom is what elevates the human within Samsara and ignorance is what brings him back to hell.
And it is wisdom that can make him finally escape from this terrible sea, but for this he needs to use all his abilities, of all, even those he does not even imagine he has.
A supreme effort to find the strength to break free is the only way to achieve it.
Freedom, the only freedom, Nibbāna, is the reward. Failure is not an option.

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