Suicide as Escape from Death

The issue of suicide is a controversial issue, being misunderstood in terms of the » moral » that, we do not know why, puts life as supreme value, when this is precisely the domain of Māra. The way to escape from Death, from Māra, for one who reached the vision is precisely suicide. Yes, you read correctly,…

In the Dominions of Death

The domains of Death are those in which they inhabit are subject to it. And since the condition for death is birth, all those who are subjected at birth are, you are, servants of Death. Only those whose condition of birth is cut off because their condition, existence, is destroyed, walk outside the domains of Death….

The Structure of Reality (XIX)

Considering that time simply does not exist, it clearly follows that the movement does not either. Not the speed. Not the acceleration. We are observers mediated by our kammic composition, or conditional composition, as preferred. Each new condition determines a different state of consciousness and for each state, Samsara reacts by offering a different observation….

The Corridor of Death

He seemed not to understand the seriousness of his situation.During the trial he remained distant as if it were not with him.He asked who was that lady with the child or how elegant was this man in a checkered suit. The prosecutor’s accusations, raw, were shelling the atrocities he had committed. One by one An endless story that…

The Becoming of Existence

From a life, the perspective of existence does not go beyond a first memory, from birth to death. From life you can not see beyond.This is the case of trees that do not allow us to see the forest. From there, the appearance indicates that we appear from nothing at birth and disappear into nothingness when we…