It is the most heard word, repeated, pronounced, announced, vomited at the parties of the new year. It is the touchstone of the mental health of that which is called people.
Some say they say it without thinking, and I take it for granted. Only ignorance can be overcome by itself. And what is said as an excuse is heard as proof.
What is desire?
Desire is a pleasant mental activity that occurs from ignorance and whose final product is called suffering.
It is noteworthy that without ignorance there is no desire. You can not want something that is known positively. I can not wish it to be daytime if it is daytime, or to be rich if you are already rich. It needs a component of ignorance, of probability.

  1. There may be an undefined situation and the desire is the mental action of taking sides for one of the possibilities.
  1. Desire can lead to attachment if, in addition, you gloat over the situation for which you bet and make a situation composition as if it had already been given and you are enjoying its benefits. The mechanism is simple, the brain creates the expectation and incites you to that action by preaching with serotonin in enough doses for you to get going, but immediately it is restricting you so that you keep moving and only for the aversion to stop being happy. Its always declared objective is sex or food, in any of its more or less abstract forms. The brain adapts to the new situation by creating synapses between its neurons, building the necessary structure to adapt to a new situation that has not occurred.
  1. We can even exaggerate it by adding an extra dose of ignorance believing that thinking hard will achieve it. This kind of ignorance is called magical thinking and is present in religions when the patient asks God or some character like that, of those almighty ones who love you very much and will do anything to make you even happier. It is not strange that they spend asking and asking.
  1. What can be worse? Of course. Ignorance knows no limits. Instead of putting the means to create conditions that favor the possibility of the situation occurring, instead, everything is bet that our magical thinking will achieve it.

The product, as we saw, is suffering. And this happens when what happens has to happen, not precisely what we would like to happen.
And it is graduated according to the level of ignorance that we have used.
If we simply remain in the desire, without becoming attached, this provokes frustration, as when your soccer team suffers a defeat in an even match. It may have been…
If we enter into the category of attachment, at the moment of being aware that the situation is not what is desired, the brain gets stuck between what goes on outside and what is built inside. And the phases of the duel are given:

  1. Denial
  2. Go to
  3. Negotiation
  4. Depression
  5. Acceptance

According to the brain it resists to break the synapses that it has built because it has seemed to him and that it produces a physical pain that is called suffering. The more you resist, the more suffering.
Also, this is stupid, because if you get the goal the brain no longer rewards you, because for him it was already achieved. And if you do not get it, you suffer.
And if you want more happiness, the brain encourages you to get attached to anything else.
And if, in addition, we involve magical thinking, the non-achievement of the objective hits directly against the pantheon of the victim’s beliefs. «God does not love me anymore, he abandoned me», «I am cursed», «I have done something and I am being punished» …
It does not take a genius to realize that at this stage suffering can reach magisterial levels. That is why believers and sufferers are conditions that always go hand in hand. This is why believing is not ethical, because ethics aims to not suffer.
And, finally, as we have left to God that he is the one who does it, or that the miracle is done and we have done nothing to achieve it, because it does not happen, that is, we ensure suffering without any loophole to escape from him.
Desire only serves to suffer, it has no other use. It is a poison. A pure and hard poison. And the least correct thing is to throw poison at people at parties to their faces.
It shows a little education If you want to poison, do not count on me.

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