The wise


Wisdom is not knowing. wisdom is not in studying. wisdom is not in reading. Wisdom is not in informing yourself.

In books you find all kinds of knowledge, but not wisdom. Knowledge needs a lot of space to be able to show all the cases, all the exceptions, all the alternatives.

Wisdom is so scanty that only one sentence summarizes everything that knowledge can not reach.

It is impossible to fill a book with wisdom, because it does not even reach two lines.

Wisdom is a very small seed, so small that it may seem ridiculous. But it is a very powerful seed. You plant and you have all the forests of the Earth and of any planet capable of harboring life.

While the wise man does not need memory, and his luggage is very scarce, the scholar does not have enough with all the libraries of the world nor with the time he has of life to try to know. The scholar remembers, the scholar reproduces the quotations, the scholar knows, but does not know.The scholar removes and updates the ignorance of other scholars.

The scholar is presented with a case never seen before and left unarmed.He will not know what to answer. However, whatever you ask the wise person will give you the answer immediately, because he sees it. See everything, and see what you ask and see what implications it has on the whole set and it will give you an obvious answer that you will not understand.

Only those who see the labyrinth from above see the exits.

The wise person only has to unfold the seed and see it grow and will look for the fruit of the answer as soon as the frond develops. And he gives it to you.

The wise little or nothing has to teach. A wise person answers what you ask him. You can spend your life next to a sage and not know. You will not know how the wise know. He only knows. But wisdom is neither transmitted nor contagious.

A phrase, three words, is enough to understand all the secrets of the universe: » everything is conditioned «. It is easy to learn, easy to memorize.But only the wise man is able, from this evidence, to explain everything.

So, for the wise man, the scholar is a fool as foolish as the weight of his books. A more books, more ignorance. To more information, less wisdom.

Wisdom is so simple that, when it is achieved, it dazzles because of its simplicity.


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