The Structure of Reality (XIII)


The way in which the vagabonds of Samsara see this rather than condition them determines them.

Although it seems a palpable obvious, that everything is conditioned is something that very few see and almost nobody understands. To see it you have to use the senses to perceive the world, and the reasoning to understand it.

A baby is able to use the senses without mediating concepts, but as he is unable to rationalize what he perceives, he resorts to magical thinking.Things appear and disappear by magic. Magic explains what the child is unable to reason

As it grows, it gradually ceases to rely on the senses to do so on the concepts and, without abandoning the magical thought, even being able to rationalize it does not see reality but through the concepts learned and these nothing do not have any relation with reality .

Ignorance manifests itself here in the two phases. At first for being unable to reason, then in the use of concepts that are simple objects with which the mind substitutes reality for being too complex in an exercise of mental economy. And in both cases, by the use of mental shortcuts that explain reality called magic.

Going to the basics, anyone can tell you that time exists and that it is present everywhere. Of course, he carries his watch on him without being able to subtract from it, but without realizing that all the observers carry their own. Since the difference between one and the other is very small, it is despised. What would seem in practical terms acceptable, is in cosmogonic terms an outrage.

In the same way it happens with distances. For people a meter is a meter everywhere, because the differences in length are equal to the minimum of time. And the reduction is just as ignorant.

If, in addition, people accept that matter exists and exists, when such a thing is not even experimental, and assembles its world from it, it constructs a universe of lies.

Even some ignorant people go further and affirm that what the senses perceive is a consequence of the mental concepts that sustain them. And they call these concepts «essence» and even assign them a world of their own and even postulate that it is the only real world. Thus seen, Plato reaches the peak of human stupidity.

But that is not all. Things as obvious as gravity call it «force» when clearly it is not. Nobody «falls» by a precipice, it is simply the Earth that crashes with him, since someone in free fall represents an inertial system that follows the space-time line, but the Earth stands in his way. And they dare to call it «force» when it would only be attractive and radically different from the real forces, electromagnetism, weak nuclear and strong nuclear. There are even people who are determined to unify them by torturing mathematics with 16 dimensions that fit.

While gravity has a very large influence, when they see an astronaut floating, they believe that gravity is zero. They do not realize that if they are flying it is because they go so fast in horizontal that they do not get to hit the Earth because it is spherical.

And there are still those who live on an Earth that is flat.

If everything is static, linear dimensions and time are on the side of the observer, what is the meaning of the movement? What is it that moves?

The actor passes the movie going from one place to another, but can not get out of any frame. Speed, acceleration … everything falls into the world of illusion.

They look out the window with their mouths open watching everything move. Come as things are born, develop, die and disappear. They see that wherever they look, wherever they look, everything is impermanent. And it is something that they find unpleasant.

But the «things» are always being born, they are always developing, they are always dying and they are always disappearing. The only thing that can give you dissatisfaction is that you always read the movie in the same way.Although doing it randomly yes it would not make sense.


Alienation is awesome. Nobody is saved People ride a fictional character and get involved in the movie of their own life. And the most fun is that they believe it. The monkey is called «me» and they are very worried about what might happen to them …

Happen? The monkey is a mental object, what happens to it is what the observer’s mind makes happen, and it does not happen, the evolution is also of the mind.

The «I» is a counterfactual mental construct made on the basis of pure ignorance.

And ignorance leads to fear. And fear is fear of death. And that’s where everything starts to get messed up. People are born ignorant, but ignorance reaches majestic peaks after passing through the school, which also descerebra through inappropriate exposure to culture. They give them to read books without warning them of the risks, and they end up infected by the memes, becoming simple machines of cultural replication. Millions of brains dedicated to the transmission of memes is the tangible proof that everyone is asleep and the dream idiots them.

And within the dream, they seek to make sense of life without using logic and for that they use magical thinking. Things are by themselves and you are just another thing. And there is chance, and there are things that are ‘just because’ and for what they do not know they blame the ideas or the matter.

The former call themselves eternalistas and have the star of their pantheon of memes the most absurd: God. The second ones are called materialistic, and this concept gives them the capacity to create life, that is, observation.Come on, that the camera that comes out in the movie you’re watching is capable of taking pictures of you.

If they do not know who they are, or how reality works, there is no hope that they will leave the film and leave the cinema. That is how the ignorance of Samsara catches them.

They are very bad and they like it very much.

And you, what? Thinking you’re reading this?

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