The Structure of Reality (VII). The Fallacy of the Three Characteristics


Reality overflows in front of our closed eyes, asleep, unable to see what they are looking at. Wherever you look, everything is conditioned in your sphere of existence, even existence is a condition. Everything in you is a condition, from a fleeting thought to the last electron that builds your body.

All are conditions, so the structure of conditions is, in itself and by derivation, the very structure of reality.

The conditions never change. Once produced remain, invariable. They may produce new conditions, or not. They will do it sooner or later. But the conditions are fixed. Eternal

And it can not be otherwise. If a condition changed, Samsara would collapse. The Samsara is built with a myriad of conditions conditioning itself in multiple ways, like the structure of a roller coaster. If you remove a condition or vary it, everything collapses. Everything that happened in the past due to that cause would change and that is unimaginably absurd.

Therefore, to say that everything is anicca , that is, impermanent, is not true since everything is conditions and these are fixed.

For something to change there must be something that changes and, obviously, if it changes it is something else. You can see a flower wither, but what withers is your idea of ​​a flower. At each moment, it is a complex set of conditions that are produced conditioned by those of the moment just before.

You see how a petal falls, it is a condition due to a previous one that was drying and this one to another previous one that was to become withered, and another and another and previous one.

What changes in a succession of different and fixed conditions?

It’s like a movie movie. The frames are fixed and there they are the same since they were photographed. They do not move. What is impermanent is your illusion that there are characters that move on the screen. And illusions do not constitute reality.

In the same way we could talk about being. While it is absurd to consider these characters as «being» because they are nothing, only pure illusion and there and anatta concept would make sense, however, the conditions are irremovable. They are not subject to anything. Once produced and they are in themselves. What is, is, and you can not change it. You can do more, but do not touch anything. And, in addition, what you do will be building with those same bricks that constitute reality.

And, to finish, the concept of dukkha , suffering, dissatisfaction.

The conditions are what they are and they are there fulfilling their own rules. The conditions do not know the traps. They are what they are and there they are. They do not lie, they do not cheat. Disappointed by how the conditions are is as absurd as complaining that there are paintings in the Prado Museum.

What do you want?

It is what it is. If you do not like the movie, do not complain. Complaining produces even more conditions, so if you do not like it, calm down. Go away. Find the exit. There are few places left and this is the last train.

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