The Creator Goddess in the Buddhism


Quite tired of hearing the theosophical mantra that «the Buddha never denied the existence of a creator god» in reference to the need for theists to be «admitted» into the «Buddhist society» and thus be able to mix their gods and superstitions with the pop idea of ​​»buddha good wave», I started to think and refer, of course, to Dependent Origination and …

It was there.

The goddess.

As it is omnipresent, it is true, it is everywhere, to see it is so obvious that it is even difficult. And yes, indeed. She is a Goddess (not a god, but a GODDESS) who is the creator of all Samsara. She created it, and nobody else but her.

And not only did he create it, he also moves everything. There is no breeze of grass that the wind moves that is not moved by the Goddess. There is no experience that you have not created her. There is no thought that can arise without it.

She is the Creator Goddess.

And it is also Omnipresent. No place that she does not occupy is conceivable. Not even time that she does not move. No movement that She does not guide.

And everything governs his infinite Will.

Everything goes in the direction that She indicated at the beginning of her Creation.

She is an unpredictable, jealous, possessive, fanatical, cruel and ruthless Goddess.

Hordes of subjects adore her at every moment, practically all Humanity is surrendered to her and worships one or several of her multiple avatars, living a life alienated in that adoration, surrendering herself to the Goddess, and the Goddess taking them as a sacred sacrifice.

The Goddess is omnipotent, she is omnipresent, her origin can not be known. It is the creator of time and space. She is the Queen of Samsara.

Omniscient no, not that. It is not omniscient.

It’s silly, silly at all and forever.

His Will is to make suffer and the Designated Destiny is Chaos in Hell. And it is worshiped in the form of God, of Money, of Power, of Desire, of Fear, of Aversion …

Yes, She is Avijjā, Ignorance.

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