The Buddha under the Ignorance


When we see something stained, so dirty that we can not see what it really is, seeing only dirt we can conclude that it is garbage.
When we see a human being, the first thing that stands out is his enormous ignorance. He is immersed in it in such a way that the continuous dying and rebirth is something so intrinsic to him that we can conclude that it is only one part of Samsara, made of the same material.
And yet it is not.
Ignorance, like dirt is that, dirt. He can remove it, clean it, get rid of it, unclog it, tear it away. No matter how hard it is, no matter how hard it is, dirt is not part of your skin.
If the human being becomes conscious, ceases to be alienated, intoxicated by ignorance, he will detach himself with a true repugnance of layers of ignorance, layers like crusts. Thus, naked of misery will appear to us in its bright and majestic nature of its Buddhahood.

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