Religious delinquency


There are several factors that have been combined to give rise to the irrational religious market in which we are currently.

  1. It occupies the first place because of its decisive importance the ignorance translated as lack of preparation of a good part of Western society in matters such as history, comparative religions, science, etc.
  1. Afterwards, spiritual crises, both personal and traditional ethnic religions, come very often. The crises of postmodernity and postmaterialism can be included in this item.
  1. The ethereal influence of «New Age» or New Age by its so open character has impregnated in a general way a good part of the religious subculture in the West in the last decades. This ethereal character without clear organization, without administration does not give a sense of permanence and the «do it yourself» serves to install the belief that it is oneself that «seeks» when, simply, it is indoctrinated.
  1. The institutional religious crisis due to people accessing information that they did not have before, has made them distrust traditional religions involved in the usual: scandals of sex and money. This has favored the political opening to the religious practices previously persecuted or badly seen.
  1. The paternalism of the different governments with respect to the religious fact in the form of religious freedom or freedom of worship, which has brought extremely lax legislation in fiscal and labor matters.
  1. The increase in illegal traffic, drugs, weapons, people, political corruption … as well as the tax rates and control mechanisms that those same governments have been implementing, which make it essential to look for ways to launder the money produced by illegal activities or tax evasion.
  1. The traditional relations of codependence between Church and State, translated today into codependence between governments and sects, favoring each other at a political level.

Points 5 and 6 are reminiscent of toothpaste, the sixth tightens and tightens, while the fifth is the open exit where all the paste comes out. Money paste, not just teeth.

This need to launder money has favored a scheme that is repeated throughout the world and of which the established religions are authentic multinationals.

This scheme is very simple and is based on the fact that the » faithful » of a religion or pseudo-religion pay in » cash » everything that the sect, church or school or whatever you want to call it, sells it or lets it give away.

This idea of cash payment takes us back to the trays, baskets and brushes of traditional churches. It does not occur to anyone to pass a dataphone to pay with a credit card, or an ATM at the feet of St. Jude Thaddeus, patron of the impossible …

In front of the fiscal and police authorities, it is a money donated by the faithful for the maintenance of the cult protected by the freedom of worship within what is religious freedom .

It is clear that if governments banned ignorance, there would be no religions and even less would be protected, but governments are infested with politicians who use religions to be and stay.

We will first explain what money laundering or money laundering is. The first thing to consider is that money has two channels, cash and bank accounts. The banks are part of the government system and send to the treasury the information of the banking movements of all the accounts. All money that reaches the banking system must be duly justified. Once inside, it circulates without problems. It’s like the borders of a country, once transferred and no one needs to control you. The issue is to enter the banking system, in other words, justify the cash that is entered into the banking system.

There is a wide range of criminal activities or tax evasions that use cash precisely because it is beyond the reach of the tax authorities and the authorities. Think of the drug retail, the payment in B for a home or any other illegal activity.

Money laundering consists in making legal what is illegal. And since the cash can not be traced, this is why this crime can occur.

Money laundering is the way to control and prosecute criminals, terrorists, evaders and other people of bad living once they want to dispose of their money earned dishonestly.

The laundering works on the basis that there are activities whose cash inflow is usually cash and can be justified before the tax and police authorities. For example, if an «A» business can justify a money X received in cash, you can enter it in your bank accounts legally.

That is where the issue is, that the money that can justify does not correspond to reality, but that it is more than what it really produces. That difference, between what it can justify and what it actually produces can be used to launder money from an offender or a terrorist. It’s as if you have a bus with legal capacity of 50 people on the border, and you only have 23, with 27 illegal immigrants in the other country.

Similarly, if you can justify an income of $ 10,000 per month, but only receive $ 3,000, the $ 7,000 can legally enter the system. So, a generous donor or sponsor gives you that $ 7,000 in cash to deposit into your account. Once inside the system, you can send them to your account justifying the movement through non-existent transactions or difficult to verify, that is, through false invoices.

For example, if a sect says to collect that $ 10,000 a day, and agrees with organized crime, enter the $ 3,000 of yours and $ 7,000 of the criminals or terrorists. Those $ 10,000 are perfectly legal already within the system. Now, you have to return the money to the mafia.This is done from purchases of non-existent material, or reports, or training, or even subcontracting of charities that criminals justify with false invoices of expenses. In other words, of those $ 7,000, they are legally paid $ 6,000, keeping the sect with a commission of $ 1,000, in white money in their bank account. So for a modest 15% the mafia manages to strain their dirty money within the system, or a tax evader instead of paying 30% of corporation tax or 42% income tax, only pays the sect that 15 %.

And they can already have that money to continue doing evil things.

At this point, we will define the variable «laundering capacity» as the amount of money that a sect can credibly wash before the tax and police authorities.

This variable depends on two factors, the number of faithful and the average amount of moneycredibly contributed by each member to the sect.

So the basis of the business is to have many faithful leave a lot of money.

This seems obvious, many people with a lot of money is a splendid business. But no, it’s much more profitable than this. In addition to these direct income, which are clean, is the real business: you do not need that money to produce money, that is, it is not necessary for the faithful to really contribute money, just so it seems. That is why, unfailingly, they always tell you that they do not charge you if you have financial difficulties . This is not charity, as we shall see.

The idea is to create the feeling that there are »  faithful more or less fixed and that each one contributes »  in cash annually.

The result of x * y is the bleaching capacity. That money is already white.

As we saw, according to the more or less established tariffs, that money is sold by 15% to the different delinquent fauna to be laundered. And it is done through false invoices, non-existent services, disinterested donations … the usual in these cases.

It is the most competitive form of money laundering in the market and faster and cleaner compared to the traditional ways of justifying expenses as operating losses, as it is creating luxurious phantom companies that justify credible losses. These are always more suspicious and require organizing, setting up work centers, hiring staff that street and copper for doing nothing … Too many people to keep it hidden.

However, money laundering through churches or sects is protected by freedom of worship.

And not only that.

The great world religions, sects or schools or traditions are sold to criminals as money laundering franchises backed by many years in the business and their successes in the black market. This is the way in which they expand in the West.

The case of the Buddhist sects is an example of this. Without going any further, Thailand is the parent of the different Theravadine sects and is one of the most important corruption nests in the world, where a large part of the population is employed in this productive sector of money laundering worldwide.

It has reached the absolutely ridiculous case of the Dhammakaya sect that charges absolutely for everything, for entering, for sitting, for getting up, for putting incense, for being blessed, for kissing a golden statue of Buddha … The faithful enter with a Wad of bills in hand and they are giving and giving … and not only that, to optimize their money laundering capacity they have built a temple the size of the Santiago Bernabéu stadium to justify millions of dollars a day.

But from the largest to the smallest, the scheme is the same.

The » ministers of the cult » are vividores who benefit from this scheme to live without working and enriching in step. And the difference between these criminals and others is that socially they are very well seen and even revered by their followers or even by the rulers, while the others are persecuted and imprisoned.

In many cases, important monks end up behind bars, even for a little while, in corrupt Thailand, depending on the affinity of the bhikkhu with the military government in office.

And sexual scandals are as common in this clergy as they are in life. Pedophilia is also a widespread pest. Scoundrels with access to children is a very dangerous combination but protected by the public authorities and the parents themselves.

Having corrupters, delinquents and evaders, the religious leave and now the faithful are missing.

But … where do the faithful come from?

Many of the New Age.

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