Happy 2018. Happy ??? 2018 ???


It is in what are called «endearing» dates when we can realize how lost and alienated people are. And between these dates is, of course, the so-called New Year.
Without going into more, if we get to see the reason why it is celebrated on January 1, the first thing is that we must rethink the question. Does something happen on January 1 that does not happen any other day of the year?
No. It is a normal day, close to the winter solstice, which is a significant astronomical date. The new year is celebrated on January 1 because January 1 is the first day of the first month of the year. Come on, that January 1 could fall in May without any problem …
But the nonsense does not stop there. It is called «January» because it comes from «one», so December comes from «ten», although it turns out to be month twelve. We will put it better, if we ask what is meant by a month, the answer is a set of days. Like the week, which is seven, but is more relaxed, the number of days depends on the name of the month.
Is seriously. Julio was born as a month because a Roman dictator put him in the middle of the calendar. And since he was the most chinish, he did it for 31 days. His successor, who could not be less, a certain Octavio gave him his nickname, Augusto a month after he stepped right after his predecessor. And since they are so splendid, the holidays are in July or August. And they are 31-day months.
The rest, to be arranged as they can. And they put 12 months, not that ten was wrong, but at least it is related to the number of fingers on the hands.With the Roman insertions, they remain at 12.
And 12 means something?
Neither. The astronomical year is 365.24 days and divided by 12 does not match anything. So now the days are broadcast, January 31, February 28 (what poor February will have done). March 31, April 30, May 31, June 30, those of the Romans 31, September the seven month which is the nine 30, October 31, November and to square December 31.
If the week has 7 days, it only fits with the poor February when it is not a leap …
This is the meaning of January one. A stupidity supported in a barbarity and maintained by pure ignorance that, in addition, only benefits the government.
A worker quotes 30 days per month, it is 12 months for what he quotes for 360 days. That is, give 5 to the employer and the State. If we consider that there are countries where holidays are a week, they are on par.
Stupidity finds no limits even in greed.
And this is not so because it is the «best» way, or the «only» way. It is simply a terrible organization of annual time.
One week has 7 days, which is not absurd. You have to be a universal genius to start dividing 365 by 7. Give 52 and rest 1. If the universal genius squeezes the brain you realize that 52 is a multiple of 2 giving 26 and that 26 is a multiple of 2 as well.
We have 2x2x13 left, or, in other words, 4 × 13. We can do 13 groups of 4 weeks and we only have one day left over. That is, if we call that group «month» it would have 28 days. That is, 13 months of 28 days and an extra one. If it’s a leap, two.
We put the remainder as the day of the year, that is, the day of the beginning of the year, festive, and then 13 months of 4 fair weeks. So we could ruin the manufacturers of calendars, because the 1 days would be all Monday, as well as the 8, 15 and 22. And Wednesday will be evidently 3,10,17 and 24 …
28 days are worked and 28 days are quoted.
It’s fair.
That is why it is not done. They like to steal you, do not tell them …
Having said all this, announcement: we started well.
Now, the year …
In the Western world it is 2018, referring to the brainy calculation that an early medieval monk, Dionisio the Meager, did calculating the birth of a very successful literary character who, like all fictional characters, if in the novel does not say which day they are born There is a way to know it. In addition, it is not born in all the novels. In some yes, in others no.
The character, a certain Jesus Christ, is the main character of a series of incongruous stories called in Greek «gospels» that are completed with others to organize a corpus of work that Constantine commissioned to introduce an official religion to take power in Rome to a paranoiac named Lucio Lactancio.
Although it continued to use the Roman calendar until well into the seventeenth century. The «before Christ» is very modern. There was nothing «before Christ» 300 years ago.
We already know that we celebrate 2018 years since the alleged birth of the Indiana Jones fashion in the early medieval period, calculated by a guy who everyone called the Meager.
But this does not end here. Just start…
Happy happy?
Let’s analyze what «happy» is, what it consists of.
«Happiness» is the state in which the brain functions when it is irrigated with a drug called serotonin. Being happy is being drugged. It’s like being drunk, but worse.
The human being is born drug dependent of this substance, a condition inherited from the mother by placenta, just as any other dependence is inherited. The long-term harmful effects are:

  1. Somatometric repercussions.
  2. Brain pathology
  3. Abstinence syndrome.
  4. Neurobehavioral disorders.

We all know the sad condition of the human being subjected to the dependence of this substance. He lives in constant anxiety, longing for the next dose, with his brain getting smaller and getting into trouble as a result of the quirky behaviors that lead him to get the desired discharge. As serotonin does not cross the blood-brain barrier, nor is there any substance that manages to activate its segregation by the brain, the way to achieve high is to make stupidities that cause this discharge.
Serotonin could be useful along with dopamine to reward and punish the individual according to whether or not he got sex and food, from a brain designed by some genes that what they only want is their own replication.
Sex + food = prize.
No sex or No food = punishment.
But as the human being is distinguished by something, it is because of his legendary ignorance, instead of punishing behaviors that lead to happiness, he forbids the use of substances such as marijuana that are much less harmful.
People for happiness kill, die, commit suicide, ruin themselves, ruin the lives of others, of their family, of neighbors, of their fellow citizens.Political corruption and economic theft are simple consequences of this dangerous addiction. And wars, and famines by hoarding.
It is the plague that is killing the infected planet through the lice of rats that are humans.
Happiness is the face A of what is called suffering. Everyone wants to be drugged and no one wants to have a withdrawal syndrome.
And the worst is the unacceptable personal and social cost of stupid, antisocial, and anti-environmental activities that lead to be able to get high …
Well, after centuries and centuries of «scientific progress» no one even thinks of putting reeducation measures to detoxify the population of this pandemic, but, on the contrary, it is encouraged at all levels starting with childhood and school. Because they have no compassion for their own children, who want to see happiness.
There is no greater obscenity.
Then, they suffer, and they blame it on them that they are not happy repeating the loop of addiction.
In order to have their population imbecilizada, governments do whatever it is, even invent religions like Constantino, to calm the syndrome of a population thirsty for happiness and celebrating the New Year with great fuss.
Those same humans who want happiness among themselves and dare to deserve it to me. It’s as disgusting as offering a smoked and drooling cigar to an ex-smoker.
«Happy new year 2018 …»
Come on, what a beautiful portrait of a sick society that strides towards its own destruction.

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