Escaping the Prison


You are trapped in a particularly terrible prison complex. The tortures, the mistreatment, the humiliations are continuous …
There are different modules depending on the severity of the sentences of the prisoners. In some, life is unbearable, in others it is milder and even in others life can be said to be good.
The prisoners depending on the behavior change of module. So if they behave well, they move to more relaxed modules. However, anyone can be taken to the hole as soon as he does something that even he himself escapes.
This prison is especially terrible because the rules are rigid but no prisoner knows them. He only intuits them.
No prisoner has left this prison. It is only known that those who change modules are no longer seen. And the worst of all, is that by accessing the new situation they clean their memory so they do not remember anything.In this way, they do not end all crazy and desperate.
New module, new life.
Without memories, there is no past. And they all start from scratch and they think that all there is is that module. Nothing before, nothing after.Although there are some who insist on saying that when they take you out of the module they judge you and send you to the hole forever or they send you to the spa forever.
What nonsense.
But while they are there, the prison is kept correct and in order, and it works alone. The more sleepy the prisoners are, the calmer the jail.
In this one day, one of the prisoners manages to escape from the module and enter the others. When you see that they are really in a prison and that when you leave the module, what they do to you is that they cleanse your memory, they start looking for a way to escape from it.
After two years you already have the keys to the break.
He goes to the prisoners’ committee and tells them that this is a prison and that he has a way to escape, but the committee only sees a situation in which they can lose their privileges and try to silence him.
He wonders what he is going to do to stick with idiots that what they are getting is to hurt both them and the unfortunate people who influence them.
The truth is that the escape is not easy, it takes talent and effort and the inmates, alienated as they are, do not work.
He decides to leave alone and leaves.
But once outside, someone convinces him that it is worth looking for the few who could escape, those who, although they are sleepy can wake up with a push and do not react violently before going back to sleep.
Said and done, enters again and goes looking for and pointing to those who think they are capable of achieving it. He gathers them together and gives them the escape plan.
It will take them out little by little. It is the goal.
However, a current is born within the group of those who care more about how the prison is, how are its plans, how are the rules, how it works, what to really escape.
And there is the question:
If you run away, why do you want to know what the prison was like, what’s your use?
And if we start touring it, we do not escape, which is ridiculous.
But people want to know.
So he tells them:
-The one who wants to know, to do what I did and go through holes, cracks and passages and learn the prison. And if they catch you it will be tremendous, because they will change your module and erase your memory.
So for what?
With that they know how it escapes, they already have enough.
And there will always be someone who criticizes you because you know more than others and others also want.
They are like children.
What will I have done to deserve this?

The one who guides the people is the sammasambuddha
the who escapes and says nothing to anyone is the paccekabuddha
the one that escapes guided is the arahant


Saṃyutta Nikāya 56 
Connected discourses on the truths 
SN 56.31. The Siṃsapa grove

On one occasion, the Blessed One was residing in Kosambi in a grove of Siṃsapa. Then the Blessed One took a few sheets of yesṃsapa in his hand and addressed the bhikkhus in this way: «What do you think, bhikkhus, which is more numerous: these few sheets of yesṃsapa that I have taken in my hand or those of the grove yesṃsapa? above? «

«Venerable sir, there are few sheets of the siṃsapa that the Blessed One has taken in his hand, but those that are in the grove siṃsapa are numerous».

«So also, bhikkhus, the things that I have known directly but that I have not taught you are numerous, while the things that I have taught you are few.And why, bhikkhus, have not I taught so many things? Because they are ineffective, irrelevant to the foundations of the holy life, and do not lead to disgust, dispassion, cessation, peace, direct knowledge, enlightenment, Nibbāna. Therefore, I have not taught you.

«And what, bhikkhus, have I taught? I have taught: ‘This is suffering’; I have taught: ‘This is the origin of suffering’; I have taught: ‘This is the cessation of suffering’; I have taught: ‘This is the path that leads to the cessation of suffering.’ And why, bhikkhus, have I taught this? Because this is beneficial, relevant to the foundations of the holy life, and leads to disgust, dispassion, cessation, peace, direct knowledge, enlightenment, Nibbāna.Therefore, I have taught this.

«Therefore, bhikkhus, an effort must be made to understand: ‘This is suffering’ … An effort must be made to understand: ‘This is the path that leads to the cessation of suffering'».

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